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Self-development is the only answer.

Despite having more comforts than the generations before us, we seem to have less happiness and peace than our predecessors. Living a fulfilled life sometimes sounds like an unobtainable myth. Self-development is the only answer.

Self-development is not a new concept and can be found in the relics of every religion on earth. Today I will attempt to combine ancient wisdom with modern relevance to give you some pertinent advice on how to live a more fulfilled life.

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Righteous Conduct

Because we do not live on this earth alone it is important that we have a code of honour, dignity and respect towards ourselves, our fellow human beings, and all other living beings. It is the basis of individual progress and social welfare. Righteous conduct develops character.

  • Material Wealth

Material wealth is a basic human necessity. Without material security we cannot keep our body and soul satisfied. One cannot have thoughts of emotional and spiritual growth if his material needs are not fulfilled.

  • Satisfaction of legitimate desires

Desires when unrestrained lead to disintegration of the body and mind, yet when suppressed , create an unhealthy state of body and mind, making life drab. What then is legitimate desire? Pursuit of wealth and enjoyment, unless guided by righteous conduct, can make a person greedy and selfish.

  • Freedom of Spirit

The quest for freedom is what distinguishes a human being from other creatures. Freedom is the ultimate goal of life. A man lives a fulfilled life when he discovers that his soul is the soul of all living beings and things, and that his happiness and peace depends on the happiness of all.

Self-development is an inner maturity which comes during the course of time and with experience. No one can give these experiences to us, they come to a person who is ready to face life’s challenges. Self-development is a life-long process, it is learning from the successes of others as well as from their mistakes. An old proverb says “Learn from others mistakes, because you cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes” .

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Suyan Budhoo and the Parliament of religions

Suyan Budhoo The Ambassador of World's Religions
Parliament Member 2014

The Parliament of Religions seeks to promote inter-religious harmony among different religions and spiritual communities to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Ambassadors have been selected by Mary Nelson, Executive Director, Parliament of Worlds Religions, Chicago. The term of the Ambassador’s is 2 years from October 2014.63 Ambassadors have been selected from across the Globe with 10 being selected from the Asian Continent – India (5), Pakistani (2), Sri Lanka, Nepal and Russia – (1 each) USA, Canada, Mexico (42), Europe (6), Africa (2), Australia and New Zealand 3.

Business Motivational CoachThe next Parliament is to take place at the Salt Palace Convention Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA from the 15-19 October 2015. The Parliament’s focus for 2015 are (1) climate change and care for creation, (2) war, violence and hate speech, (3) the widening wealth gap and wasteful consumption. Three focused constituencies of 2015 are women, indigenous communities and growth.

Ambassadors would engage in supporting Parliament initiatives, take part in inter-faith events, organise pre-parliament events in communities or regions and encourage registration for the next Parliament. Suyan Budhoo who has presented a paper on the Harmony between Science and Religion, in La Salle, Chicago in February 2014 is the South African ambassador for this years Parliament of Religions.

Life Coach Suyan Budhoo
Suyan – Ambassador at Parliament of World’s Religion

Suyan is the CEO of Success Focus (Pty) Ltd and self development guru, it was therefore a natural progression from Life Coach and Speaker to ambassador as these causes are what she is aligned with. Suyan was involved with the Ramakrishna Youth Organisation and the Catholic Women’s league over a 20 year period. These organisations focused on helping the orphaned, homeless and indigenous communities.

Suyan Budhoo - Life Coach at SucessFocus Pty Ltd
Members of Parliament of World’s Religion

The people that have influenced her life have all been change makers and include Swami Vivekananda, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. These men and women have spent their lives working tirelessly towards a better world. Suyan believes that if each one of us takes it upon ourselves to make this world a better place then such evils such as war and hate crimes would not exist. If we can attain religious harmony and not just religious tolerance, the vision of the World Parliament of Religions for peace can and will become a reality. The one tool that will help attain harmony is knowledge. Through my blog I am going to attempt to share my knowledge with you and I hope that you will be better informed and enjoy our daily reads.

Suyan Budhoo
South African Spiritual Speaker