What is spirituality?

South African Spiritual Coach
Suyan BudhooSpiritual Speaker

Being spiritual requires no more effort than being a good human being does. It does not require hours of meditation or knowing our religious books off by heart. I am not denying that all those practises are necessary for our salvation. However, I believe that spirituality is simpler than that.

helping to beggarBeing a spiritual being means seeing the light in yourself and in others. The light is that part of you that sees a beggar on a street corner and you hand him some change, the light is that part of you that sees an injured animal and nurses him to good health. It is that part that is ever willing to help the needy, the down trodden and the less fortunate. With the exception of a very small minority most people can relate to what I am saying.

help to animalsWe are undeniably a generous and caring species with more to give than we realise. It’s conditioning by the world that causes our light to dim at times, but it never goes off. It’s natural to lose faith in humanity when you’ve been a victim of crime or encounter unsavoury characters. However, any sign of suffering can ignite the light within you. That light is your soul awakening to reject the evil that befall mankind.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Mother Theresa. In her we saw love abound and a heart overflowing with compassion. Her spirituality was obvious to the world in her everyday deeds. But it can be obvious in us too if we let it. A simple smile or a soft touch is all it takes. It is not possible for everyone of us to be as shining a soul as Mother Theresa, however we can do small deeds everyday that can take us closer to finding our own spirituality.

Let your actions speak instead of your words so that the world may see that you are an enlightened soul, a spiritual being, a shining ambassador of humanity. Being spiritual is being love.

Suyan Budhoo
South African Spiritual Speaker

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