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In years gone by adults used fear to get children to pray or attend church and yet they spoke of a loving and merciful God.  What then do we expect our children to believe? How can God punish us and still be loving.

The youth of today however do not believe in such superstitious religion and why should they, when we have also encouraged them to think for themselves and enquire into the meaning of science, technology, philosophy and poetry.  Why not enquire about God?  We should not be afraid of opening up our minds to questions like Who is God? What is religion? Why am I here? and Who am I? for the fear of stumbling upon the truth.

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Who am I? this is a question that some religions do not encourage for the fear of opening up a can of worms.  What if a child learns that he is gay, or if he wants to become an artist instead of a Doctor, or wants to explore another religion.  These are the type of fears parents have and sometimes instead of allowing our children to explore who they are we burden them with unfair expectations.

Fear in most cases are unwarranted, we worry about some future event that in any case may never occur.  If you have faith in your parenting skills and in the way you bring your children up then there is no need to fear.  Your children should therefore be encouraged to explore who or she is.  We as parents cannot teach our children, the child teaches himself.  Our duty is to afford opportunities and remove obstacles for his growth.

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Fear of some future event can cause unnecessary stress and may become your death in a form of some disease.  Being held captive by fear can be hell, playing games with your mind, this is unrighteousness, this is not the way God intended us to live our lives.  Living in fear is like being in prison, it is more important to have a free mind than it is to have a free body.  What good is it to live in this world, if we are always afraid to enjoy the benefits of this freedom.

“All the negative thoughts and ideas that are in this world have proceeded from this evil spirit of fear.  Therefore I say Be Fearless, be fearless”  Swami Vivekananda

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The word karma has its origin in Hinduism, and a loose literal translation would mean ones deeds and the effect such deeds yield. It is often misconstrued that karma only means punishment for past misdeeds, however this is not true. A good and merciful God also rewards the good actions of a good man.

Although this is a concept that had its origin in Hinduism, it does not belong exclusively to the Hindu’s. I have found this concept in the Bible as well “ As you sow, so shall you reap”, and its meaning- you will be rewarded or punished as per your actions. If we understand and accept all that is found in the Bible and the Vedas, as spiritual beings, why are we still struggling to rise above everyday challenges.

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Right living is simple as explained in our great books, it is the interpreters who have complicated it by over analysing and defaming the original message. The original meaning is that we should act in a way that is pleasing to God in order to get the rewards that we deserve as we can see from various religions.

Krishna–“Fixing your heart on Me, you will overcome every difficulty by My grace; but if from self-conceit you do not listen to Me, you shall perish utterly.”

Mohammed–“If you rely upon God as He ought to be relied upon, He will provide you as He provides the birds: they go out empty and hungry in the morning and come back big-bellied at eventide.”

Native American–“All things give thanks to You, O Wakan-Tanka, who are merciful, and who help us all. We ask all this of You because we know that You are the only One, and that You have power over all things!”

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All religions believe that we receive our rewards and punishment either in this life or in death. However Hinduism, because of its belief in rebirth believe that if we do not receive our benefits and punishment in this life, same can and will be meted out to us in our next life.

This theory to me, as a Hindu makes sense, how else do you explain the difference between the place, family, society and circumstances in which people are born. It is said in the vedas that our previous life determines this life and what we do in this life determines the circumstances of our next life.

Karma is the intertwined knot that has no beginning and no end, this symbolizes the interlinking of cause and effect, if you desire only positive results act only in a positive manner.

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Life coach in south africaThe answer to this question is as vast as the heavens above. This is my attempt to explain what religion means to me. Religion lies not only in churches, temples or mosques, neither is it to be found exclusively in our holy books.

Practises such as genuflexions and meditation, visiting these holy places and reading such books are good in that it helps us to focus on something greater than ourselves and channel our energy towards positivity. These actions are good if they stimulate us to perform deeds for the good of our fellow man and it lifts our thoughts towards divine perfection. It is important to acknowledge that there is a God and we be allowed to pray to him in whatever form we choose.

Suyan Budhoo - Spiritual Coach South AfricaReligion is so much more than what we learn at Sunday school. It is about acknowledging the uniqueness of every man, appreciating the differences and still finding enough similarity to live in harmony with each other. In whatever form you may worship there are common threads in every religion. I believe that religion is seeing the good in man, being good and doing, that is the true essence of religion.

Below we find that this is confirmed in every religion on earth.Executive coach in Pretoria“Sri Ramakrishna – I have now come to a stage of realization in which I see that God is walking in every human form and manifesting Himself alike through the sage and the sinner, the virtuous and the vicious.”

“Buddha – Goodwill toward all beings is the true religion; cherish in your hearts boundless goodwill to all that lives.”

“Jesus Christ – But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

“Mohammed – All God’s creatures are His family; and he is the most beloved of God who tries to do most good to God’s creatures.”

Being good requires less effort than some people may realise and the rewards are in abundance.

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Our interpretation of events are based solely upon our personal perspective and opinion. We are sometimes biased about certain events due to the incorrect perspective we have taken in interpreting such a situation.

As the only life force that can think and reason shouldn’t we be using this “power” in a more effective way? I truly believe that nothing happens in our life by pure co-incidence or luck. Everything, from the birth of a baby to going through a divorce happens by design. If, instead of mourning certain events, we look for the meaning behind it, we are sure to come out of any situation stronger.

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There will be situations in your life that may seem beyond your control, like losing a job for example, but many who have gone through this will tell you in retrospect it was the best thing that could have happened to them, and there will still be others who tell you it was the worst thing that happened in their lives. What sets these two groups of people apart despite facing similar situations?

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It is their perspective or interpretation of the situation that either strengthens you or destroys you. Perspective around a situation normally comes from our past experiences, upbringing or social situation but mostly from whether you have a positive or negative mind-set. Past experiences, upbringing and social situations are all external factors that should have very little baring on how we choose to think and live our lives. I am not denying the fact that society matters or that your past is important. All I am saying is that you should not let those external factors determine where you are going.

Once you realise that there is meaning behind everything, you will start looking for the positive in every situation. Initially it is difficult, especially if you are or was a pessimist, but once you realise that it does not help your current situation to mope around or stress about the events in your life, it will become easier to look for the meaning behind everything.

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A negative mind does not bear positive fruit, this is what you need to realise when working through a difficult situation. Once you manage to clear your mind of all negativity then only will you awaken to the maxim that anything is possible.

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Suyan Budhoo - Life Coach at DurbanThe idea of faith is often associated with belief or trust in a deity, doctrines or teachings of religion. Faith can be a synonym for hope, which is not necessarily based on proof.

The word faith as it appears in Wikipedia does not bear any connotation to man’s belief in himself. Faith in one’s self should be the first lesson we learn when we begin school, and yet for some strange reason that is never taught in any curriculum.

Business Coach JohannesburgA basic skill like confidence and an enquiring mind is left out of the curriculum completely and yet we demand from our children excellence and astuteness.How unfair we are in our expectations when we do not take the time to instil in our children the very thing that we demand from them.

Faith in God is necessary, however man should not be afraid to question certain rituals and rites that he is required to perform. We are after all living in a technological age where google is allegedly a better parent than real mothers and fathers.There are still some things better learnt through experience and love rather than a laptop or iphone and faith is one such topic.

Personal Executive CoachThe Old religions have taught religion through instilling fear in children. It was said that some ill fete will befall the person that did not comply with certain codes and who did not conduct themselves in a certain way. We should therefore encourage healthy discourse between children and adults when it comes to religion or faith. If we want religion to survive with and through technology we need to be flexible in our approach. A rigid religion with no explanations will suffer to survive this rapid changing world.

The new religion to have faith in ourselves is what appeals to the young masses of today. How can we know the world if we don’t know ourselves? This is what the major religions need to align their teachings with. Faith in one’s self, God and community is what will bring our world closer to peace and further away from hate crimes and war.

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Suyan Budhoo and the Parliament of religions

Suyan Budhoo The Ambassador of World's Religions
Parliament Member 2014

The Parliament of Religions seeks to promote inter-religious harmony among different religions and spiritual communities to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Ambassadors have been selected by Mary Nelson, Executive Director, Parliament of Worlds Religions, Chicago. The term of the Ambassador’s is 2 years from October 2014.63 Ambassadors have been selected from across the Globe with 10 being selected from the Asian Continent – India (5), Pakistani (2), Sri Lanka, Nepal and Russia – (1 each) USA, Canada, Mexico (42), Europe (6), Africa (2), Australia and New Zealand 3.

Business Motivational CoachThe next Parliament is to take place at the Salt Palace Convention Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA from the 15-19 October 2015. The Parliament’s focus for 2015 are (1) climate change and care for creation, (2) war, violence and hate speech, (3) the widening wealth gap and wasteful consumption. Three focused constituencies of 2015 are women, indigenous communities and growth.

Ambassadors would engage in supporting Parliament initiatives, take part in inter-faith events, organise pre-parliament events in communities or regions and encourage registration for the next Parliament. Suyan Budhoo who has presented a paper on the Harmony between Science and Religion, in La Salle, Chicago in February 2014 is the South African ambassador for this years Parliament of Religions.

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Suyan – Ambassador at Parliament of World’s Religion

Suyan is the CEO of Success Focus (Pty) Ltd and self development guru, it was therefore a natural progression from Life Coach and Speaker to ambassador as these causes are what she is aligned with. Suyan was involved with the Ramakrishna Youth Organisation and the Catholic Women’s league over a 20 year period. These organisations focused on helping the orphaned, homeless and indigenous communities.

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Members of Parliament of World’s Religion

The people that have influenced her life have all been change makers and include Swami Vivekananda, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. These men and women have spent their lives working tirelessly towards a better world. Suyan believes that if each one of us takes it upon ourselves to make this world a better place then such evils such as war and hate crimes would not exist. If we can attain religious harmony and not just religious tolerance, the vision of the World Parliament of Religions for peace can and will become a reality. The one tool that will help attain harmony is knowledge. Through my blog I am going to attempt to share my knowledge with you and I hope that you will be better informed and enjoy our daily reads.

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Idol Worship

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Hindus have for centuries been called idol worshippers by the ill informed, and we have reacted either in anger or shame. Either way we avoid responding to such allegations against our religion. If we ourselves do not know the answer, how can we give a just and well informed response.

Christian God and Spirituality
Christian God and Spirituality

The answer, is not stooped in religious or scientific jargon but is a simple one. Hindu’s do not worship the physical idol, which is made out of clay or stone, all we do is use it as a symbol. As one would look at a picture of a departed loved one and become sad or a Christian would look at the cross and think of Christ, so to do we use different images to think of our God’s.There is nothing to be ashamed or angry about, Hindu’s are not the only religion who use symbols for purposes of worship. To a Catholic the image of Jesus on a cross symbolises the sacrifice Jesus made in order to save man from his sins. These are statues (or idols) made of stone as well and appear in churches around the world, does it not serve the same purpose as a statue of Hanuman in a temple?

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Hindu Worship

In recent times, more especially since the hit movie “the Secret” personal development experts have encouraged people to have vision boards, and behave as if you are already are in possession of the thing that you want. How is this different from holding images of God in-front of you? Is it not then idol worship if you hold images of success and wealth before you, and why should one be acceptable and the other not?

It is ignorance that causes one to condemn another persons faith. A knowledgeable person would dare not take up such a debate for he realises that it is a sin in itself to do so.

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What is spirituality?

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Suyan BudhooSpiritual Speaker

Being spiritual requires no more effort than being a good human being does. It does not require hours of meditation or knowing our religious books off by heart. I am not denying that all those practises are necessary for our salvation. However, I believe that spirituality is simpler than that.

helping to beggarBeing a spiritual being means seeing the light in yourself and in others. The light is that part of you that sees a beggar on a street corner and you hand him some change, the light is that part of you that sees an injured animal and nurses him to good health. It is that part that is ever willing to help the needy, the down trodden and the less fortunate. With the exception of a very small minority most people can relate to what I am saying.

help to animalsWe are undeniably a generous and caring species with more to give than we realise. It’s conditioning by the world that causes our light to dim at times, but it never goes off. It’s natural to lose faith in humanity when you’ve been a victim of crime or encounter unsavoury characters. However, any sign of suffering can ignite the light within you. That light is your soul awakening to reject the evil that befall mankind.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Mother Theresa. In her we saw love abound and a heart overflowing with compassion. Her spirituality was obvious to the world in her everyday deeds. But it can be obvious in us too if we let it. A simple smile or a soft touch is all it takes. It is not possible for everyone of us to be as shining a soul as Mother Theresa, however we can do small deeds everyday that can take us closer to finding our own spirituality.

Let your actions speak instead of your words so that the world may see that you are an enlightened soul, a spiritual being, a shining ambassador of humanity. Being spiritual is being love.

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South African Spiritual Speaker